Beatrice Tanoedjaja

Meet my marvellous mother, Beatrice Tanoedjaja. She was born on 23rd August, 1978 in Jakarta, Indonesia. My mother’s life was filled with love from her Mother, Father and Brother, she laughed and enjoyed her childhood by surrounding herself with music and dancing her worries away. My mother grew up in a small house within the suburb, it had 2 rooms, floor of brick and wood, this family house was quite unorganised but it was overseen by the love. She met my father on the way and had me, they wanted a better life for me and decided to move to New Zealand in December of 2002. Her childhood memories are filled with giving to people, always punching her cousins and her hardworking parents, most of all it was filled with past adventours that made her happy.

Agus Suparman

Meet my fabulous father, Agus Suparman. He was born on 5th December, 1975 in Jakarta, Indonesia. My father's childhood was surrounded by love and care from his parents and family dog, his house was covered in mess and was con-joined with a foam factory, a family company for life. His childhood was filled with all the fun of playing with the caregivers of his home, he also had a big interest in technology but never in study, he used to always ask my mother for help. Married my mother in 2004 and wanted a better life for future family, moved to NZ after marriage for a new life by plane, he left behind his parents that he loved so much for a better future. My father is always interested in the events happening in the world, as a child & teen, he would watch the news on this old small TV, he still watches the news until now.

Lydianti Gunawan

Meet my gorgeous grandmother, Lydianti Gunawan. She was born on the 31st of July, 1955 in Jakarta, Indonesia. My grandmother was a giving and hard working lady, she loved her family; which includes her husband, my grandfather Benny Tanudjaja who sadly passed away in 2011 from lung cancer, her daughter, my mother and her son, my uncle. She decided to move to New Zealand with my mother and father to look after me in April 2006, she had to leave some people close to her behind in Indonesia. She grew up in a small house made of stone and brick, had no TV until 12 years old but it was just a black and white TV. So instead she spent her time doing many various sports, which includes: gymnastics, swimming, badminton and table tennis, she was a very sporty child. My grandma also loved to read, she would read the news from newspapers to keep up with the world. Other than that she lived an ordinary but extraordinary life filled with fights with siblings, sad times and most of all happy and joyful times spent with family and friends.